Some of my favorite session locations

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Wayside Inn – Sudbury, MA

The Wayside Inn is a widely known photography session destination for engagement, wedding and portrait photographers due to the historical character of the buildings, including the grist mill.  After many pet photography sessions and countless hours exploring the grounds, I’ve found numerous locations that offer beautiful backdrops and interesting foreground that make for great pet portraiture.  Also, there is a large open field nearby that can be used to grab some action shots of dogs running, playing ball or otherwise exploring.  The grounds also offer some availability for water backdrop images, intriguing bridge opportunities and even a waterfall from the grist mill.

Arnold’s Arboretum – Jamaica Plain, MA

Arnold’s Arboretum offers over 275 acres of land to explore and utilize for some stunning photographs.  Inside the park there are paved walk ways that lead to and a myriad of gardens of every shape, size and variety.  The arboretum boasts near year-round blooming of different species of plants, flowers and trees that make for stunning backgrounds, as well as at least 2 picturesque small ponds.  Trails wind through covered areas where there is interesting light at any time of day and wide-open fields for some action shots.  If you’re looking for a nice walk with your session, bring your walking shoes, a bottle of water and your pup and we’ll have a great time!!

Ashland State Park – Ashland, MA

Ashland State Park is one of the first locations that I ever did a photo session and it can be a lot of fun, especially if your dog loves water!! The park offers a 4 mile plus hike around the Ashland Reservoir, which at parts can be slightly challenging, but manageable.  The wooded hike offers several opportunities for water loving dogs to take a dip, splash and run around.  There is a good amount of free space and some nice locations for some set up portrait shots with a beautiful water backdrop.  Like Arnold’s Arboretum, the Ashland State Park is definitely a hiking session best suited for those who are comfortable with some uneven terrain and inclines.  Hiking boots or sneakers are a must with this location, but well worth it.  Also, as a warning, there are often several off-leash animals here, so a friendly, non-skittish dog with a great recall does best at this location.