What's so great about craft fairs/vendor events??

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In short, EVERYTHING!! 

As a pet photographer I have an opportunity to participate in some really great events to not only promote my own artwork, but to help with some absolutely amazing causes that benefit animals in need around our area and beyond.  This blog will talk about some of my experiences with these events (great, good and not so good), the benefits of visiting vendors at these events and will end with a list of the events I will be attending this year. 

First, let’s just get this out of the way, but by far the absolute best thing about participating in these events is all the awesome interactions that I get to have with everyone else’s dog(s).  If you’ve been by my tent at any event, you are likely to see me squatting or sitting down on the ground snuggling someone’s pup and it’s just the best!!  These events are full of pawsitive interactions and great conversations about the animals that sometimes I don’t even get around to pitching my services… I just talk about the furry family member(s).  

Another thing that is so great about these events is the conversations I get to have with pet parents and talking about whether they have thought about hiring a photographer for the pup.  An increasing number of pet parents that I speak with have hired a photographer, which is so great to hear!!  It’s so worth it to memorialize the different stages in a dog’s life, as they grow up so fast.  At an event today I saw a previous client who had hired me last fall to do a photo session with her adult Beauceron and her 10-week-old Beauceron… the puppy had outgrown the adult already!!  I was blown away and actually called them by the wrong names because there was no way that in just a matter of months that the puppy could be so big, but boy was I wrong.  We all had a good laugh about it and I got to snuggle both pups.  

During these pet parent conversations, it’s also great to discuss some frequently asked questions and concerns, such as pricing, dog behavior, anxiety and the inability to be off leash… all topics of recent blog posts of mine.  In short, I love to provide as much information to clients in these brief conversations and then let them decide in their own time if scheduling a pet photography session is the right thing for them.  

At craft fairs/vendor events I usually bring a wide assortment of pictures, prints and product with me so that pet parents can see all the options that they could have their images printed on.  It’s one thing to see the different products in a catalog, but it’s so much better to see the artwork in person.  Clients get to see how the colors pop off the metal prints, how classic the barnwood frames look and how the acrylic glass prints and blocks give a 3-dimensional feel to the images.  

What’s funny is that during some of the events that aren’t dog centric I can always tell who the dog owners are by the smiles I see as they approach my booth.  Instantly they are putting their dogs in the images, in the frames, on the metals in their heads and it’s simply great!  

Now, not all the events have been sunflowers and candy canes… occasionally events do come up and there’s a poor showing, but my experience with those is that is normally due to weather.  Early spring events can be tough because of the rain… and artwork doesn’t really love humid weather.  Also, summer events can sometimes be a bit sparse because of the heat.  However, there’s always people that come out and there’s always a dog to snuggle, which makes it all worthwhile.  

Another great benefit to coming out to the craft fairs and vendor events is to support the local charity hosting the event.  I’ve done a bunch of charity sponsored events and the response has been phenomenal! Whether it’s Save a DogBuddydogProject Samana or any one of the other charities I have had the privilege of working with these events are top notch and serve such a greater good that I’m happy to participate.

Lastly, these events are always filled with super awesome vendors from all walks of life.  There are normally food vendors, music, games, raffles and prizes to be won.  All around these events offer something for everyone!

So, if you’re looking for some high quality dog portraits that will make your friends jealous and would like to check out some of my artwork on display here is a list of the events that I will be at this year (2023).  I hope to see you and your pup(s) there and don’t be surprised if I want to snuggle them.  J

June 10th - Hudsonfest, Hudson, MA - 9AM - 3:30PM

June 25th - Unique Souls Canine Training Event, Rehoboth, MA - 5PM - 8PM

July 9th - Wrentham Artisan Market, Wrentham, MA - 10AM - 2PM

August - "TBD"

September 10th - Pet Rock Festival, Shrewsbury, MA 

September 23rd - MW Humane Society, Framingham, MA - 10AM - 4PM

October "date TBD" - Maynardfest, Maynard, MA - 9AM - 3:30PM