Photographing Dogs in Action: Capturing the Energy and Spirit of your Furry Friend

Author: Lil Monster Photography |

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As a dog photography business owner, I often hear from owners that they can't seem to get good action shots of their furry friends. But, once they see the images we create together, they are stunned. Capturing the energy and spirit of a dog in motion is one of the most rewarding and exciting aspects of dog photography. In this blog post, we'll discuss how we create beautiful action shots and how they can benefit your furry family member.

At Lil Monster Photography, I believe that capturing a dog's true spirit means capturing them in action. It's not just about getting a posed photo, but about capturing their unique personalities and quirks. Action photography gives dogs the chance to loosen up and have fun during a session, which can lead to easier posed images as well. And let's be honest, some of the faces with the fur and folds flying around are often hilarious!

So, what makes for a great action shot? Typically, dogs that are great off leash and have a strong recall are best for action photography. This allows them to run, jump, and play without being restrained. However, even if your furry family member is not great off leash, we can usually get some nice action shots in the right location and possibly on a long leash. We work closely with owners to find the best location and approach to make their session as comfortable and stress-free as possible. 

During the consultation we can discuss the best locations for action photography, as some places are better than others.  Whether it’s better lighting, more openness for the dog to run, great obstacles for the dog to leap over and get caught mid-flight, it’s always best to plan this out beforehand rather than wing it the day of.  

One of the benefits of action photography is that it can capture a dog's unique energy and personality. It can show how they interact with the world around them, whether it's chasing a ball, running through fields, or just being goofy. These photos can be a wonderful reminder of the joy that dogs bring into our lives. 

A factor to think about when planning for a session involving action photography is to have another set of hands to help with recalling and wrangling the dog.  I have found that single person sessions can be a bit tricky, as recalling the dog to me (away from the owner) can sometimes not be very effective.  Unless your dog has a great sit/down stay that allows you to walk away from him/her back to my location then having a second person to recall to is always the best option for safety and results.  

Another benefit of action photography is that it can help to create a relaxed atmosphere during the photo shoot. Dogs are often more comfortable when they're able to move around and have fun, which can lead to better posed photos, as sometimes the dogs just need to get the sillies out… I mean, who doesn’t love a good zoomie? And of course, the action shots themselves can be a great addition to a collection of posed images and even better when incorporated in a gallery! 

At Lil Monster Photography, I specialize in capturing the unique spirit of your furry family member. I understand how to work with dogs of all shapes, sizes, and temperaments to create beautiful, high-quality artwork that you'll cherish for years to come. As a dog owner for the last 30+ years I know how much your dog means to you, and take great pride in my ability to capture their energy and personality in every shot.

In conclusion, capturing a dog's spirit and personality is often best achieved through action photography. Whether your furry family member is a natural-born athlete or just enjoys a good romp in the park, I can work with them and you to create beautiful, high-quality action shots that will capture their unique spirit. So, why wait? Schedule a session with Lil Monster Photography today and let me help you capture the joy that your pup brings to your life!