• My dog isn’t good off-leash, can you still take good photos?
  • My dog is a bit crazy and doesn’t like to sit still, will you be able to get posed shots?
  • What time of the day do you schedule sessions for?
  • If I want my image on a particular kind of product that you don’t have listed can you order it for me?
  • Why can’t I just order the products myself?
  • Do you sell digital files?
  • How long does it take to get product back from the labs/print companies?
  • Do you do pictures of animals with their humans?
  • My animal is very shy and doesn’t do well with strangers, can you still work with them?
  • What happens if I don’t like the product after it’s been delivered to me?

Absolutely!! Leash removals are a routine part of the editing process, plus I always want what’s safest for all my clients. For the best images and cleanest edit it’s best to have a leash attached to a flat collar and to try to avoid using a harness, if possible.

That’s okay, I don’t like to sit still much either, so we’ll get along well. I’ll find what your dog likes, such as treats, toys or noises, and use it to my advantage. Plus, I have a fast camera… so that helps too.

Evening or a couple hours before the sun sets is best, but depending on the location we can pretty much manage any time of day. Just not super early, I’m so not a morning person, but then again, who is?

Depending on what the product is I will do whatever I can to find the highest quality version that’s available and have it printed. However, please note that all items I offer have been through quality control and have been ordered by me in the past to ensure you get the best possible artwork.

The photo labs and printing companies that I utilize only sell product to established photography businesses. These companies excel in not only their product and print quality, but also in their prices.

I do. Digital files can be purchased in both low resolution (not suitable for printing) and high resolution (suitable for printing). The price of the digital files depends on which products and the total value of the sale. Also, any purchased product comes with the matching low resolution image complimentary.

Like good wine these beautiful images take some time to make. As a general rule, products should be ready for delivery 4 – 6 weeks after they are ordered.

Of course!! One of the best ways to capture an animal’s true spirit and personality is to have their human pose with them. Just let me know if you want in on the photos.

Yes, provided they aren’t aggressive. I take a slow approach to nervous animals. It’s actually rare to find an animal that is completely comfortable from the word go when a stranger is around and pointing something that looks like a giant eyeball at them.

I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, in that if within 48 hours of delivery of your product you aren’t in love with it, I will reorder the artwork with whate